Position of the Six Nations police service regarding the legalization of marijuana

June 16, 2017


The pending legalization of Marihuana has caused significant concerns in our Community. Currently a number of rumors are circulating in regards to other “store front” marihuana dispensaries popping up and that these will quickly replace or supplement tobacco shops.
The Six Nations Police Service has informed the Six Nations Council that we have every intention of taking enforcement action against any and all illegal marihuana operations. Just recently the Six Nations Police Service shut down a business on Highway 54 purporting to be a medical marihuana dispensary. While the decriminalization of marihuana may be imminent at present it is still a controlled substance under the federal Controlled Drug and Substances Act. We will proactively continue to take the necessary enforcement action against those involved in the production and distribution of this controlled substance.

At the Community Meeting held on April 6th, 2017, the message from our community was loud and clear. Illegal drugs and those dealing in illegal drugs are not wanted or welcomed here. Our police service made a strong commitment to working with our community to stem the tide of illicit drugs. There were no exceptions or exemptions from this mandate.

We understand and respect that there are therapeutic uses of marihuana. There are users who are duly authorized access to medical marihuana by a healthcare professional. The concern is that these store front marihuana dispensaries are not authorized to dispense marihuana. Any such dispensaries, on our Territory, will be the focus of police drug enforcement action. Currently, to legally distribute marihuana the two avenues available are under the Medical Purposes Regulations or pursuant to the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations. The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations outline the rules for eligibility, production and distribution of “medical marihuana”. Whether, even operations that are legally licensed to dispense or produce marihuana are welcome on the Territory is an issue that the community should have a say in.

As the police service we remain committed to working with our other community agencies towards making our community safe and healthy. That includes being diligent in confronting organized criminal groups and other individuals that see the legalization of marihuana as a financial enterprise at the expense of our community and our people.

In Peace & Friendship,

Glenn M. Lickers
Chief of Police


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